About Us

It all started with me and my better half.

 As I’m sure you can relate, my partner and I have completely different tastes in food. I tend to choose healthier selections with wine, and he is a meat and bourbon kind of guy. Date nights always had to be a compromise as we took turns on deciding which restaurant to go to. 

 The only thing we agreed on is that we both love good food that is prepared with care and skill. 

While  one restaurant would feature healthy choices, it would be sparse on the  heartier fare my partner favors, while many places that serve what he  likes have few, if any, enticing vegetarian or vegan options. 

 That's when the idea for Kicked-Up Grub was conceived.  

 Kicked-Up Grub was started for people who have love and appreciation for  great food and drink. Whatever your food “style” is, we are certain  your taste buds will appreciate the freshest locally-sourced ingredients  and innovative creations that are combined with love and passion to  bring you an elevated food experience. 

 Our mission is simple.  

 We want our guests to be able to have absolute satisfaction in their  dining experience---from the time you are seated to the time you walk  out our door. Every item on our menu was  carefully chosen to appeal to a variety of palates and we’re positive  that you will find your new favorites right here in our establishment. 

 Come join us for a drink from our broad list of boutique wines and craft  beers in our upscale-casual dining room or our relaxed covered garden patio. We look forward to seeing you! 

 Warmest regards, 


 Kicked-Up Grub